v3.6.1-2 for Android

The classic NetHack, now adapted to Android


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NetHack is an Android adaptation of the classic roguelike of the same name, in which your goal is to explore the depths of a randomly-generated dungeon to order to find the legendary Yendor amulet. But it will not be easy. The dungeon, which is never the same, has 26 different levels. In each level, there are plenty of enemies and traps that can kill you, and when you die, the game is over, without any checkpoints or saves.

When you create a character, you can choose from many different classes like warrior, barbarian, wizard, thief, or monk. You can also choose the race, gender, and name. On the other hand, if you don't care about the details, you can just generate a random character. No matter what, you'll probably die soon. NetHack originally had no graphics and was played exclusively via the text interface. Today, however, you can activate a mode with simple graphics, which makes this challenging game a touch more accessible. In the settings, you can also find several different tile settings to change the look of the interface.

NetHack is a difficult game. In fact, it might be the most difficult game on Android. Using all the different actions at the right times will be a challenge; finding the Yendor amulet and getting out alive is a feat that very few players can claim.

Requires Android 2.1 or higher